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Plan Ahead With an Estate Lawyer in Wapakoneta, OH

Discover ways you can secure your family’s future with help from The Hearn Law Office. Our estate lawyer can help you prepare living wills and trusts, establish power of attorney, and protect your assets in Wapakoneta, OH.

If you have dependents relying on you for support, it’s important that you have a plan—call our firm today to schedule a consultation with our estate planning team.

Learn About Probate Avoidance From an Estate Attorney

If you already have a living will, trust, or estate plan, how often do you update it? Many individuals forget about this crucial step. If your living will is outdated, you risk placing the burden of probate on your family. Probate occurs when the validity of a living will is in question.

When you work with our estate planning team, we can help you both create and update your will, including changing or updating beneficiaries, documenting address changes, and more.

Living Wills & Trusts

End-of-life planning can feel daunting—know that our team of estate and trust attorneys has your best interests at heart. We work closely with you to ensure your legal documents truly reflect your wishes and desires.

A living will lays out your end-of-life wishes and can include information for asset division, palliative care requests, and more. A trust is a document that transfers ownership of your assets to a trustee. After your death, the beneficiaries of your trust become the owners of the assets.

Our living will and trust lawyers will help you understand the differences between these two estate planning options and know which option is best for your situation.

  • Work with our professional estate planning team. It’s easy to miss information when creating a living will or trust; we’re here to make sure every detail is accounted for.
  • Get better insight into current tax laws. Asset protection is a major part of your estate plan; our living will and trust lawyers will help you find ways to avoid or reduce estate tax.
  • Enjoy ongoing support from our estate attorneys. Your goals are our goals; should your end-of-life wishes change, we’re here to keep your documents updated.
  • Benefit from legal advice for your established living will or trust. Our probate lawyers can help you understand which details may need to be updated to avoid future complications.

How can we help you? Call our office today to schedule a consultation with our estate planning team. 

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