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Consult With an Adoption Attorney in Wapakoneta, OH

Are you considering adoption? This process can be long, arduous, and complicated—that’s why The Hearn Law Office offers professional adoption assistance to clients in Wapakoneta, OH, and surrounding areas in northwest-central Ohio.

Our experienced adoption attorneys can assist with a variety of situations, including:

  • Stepparent Adoptions
  • Grandparent Adoptions
  • Private Adoptions
  • Foster Care Adoptions

Get in touch with our law firm today to set up your first appointment with a child adoption lawyer. 

Working With an Attorney at Law

From start to finish, our child adoption attorneys are focused on helping you achieve a desirable resolution. Our team can help you:

  • Understand Ohio’s Current Adoption Laws
  • Avoid Future Legal Complications
  • Waive Waiting Periods
  • Comprehend & Complete Legal Documents
  • Stay Updated on Your Adoption Process

Whether you want to legally adopt your stepchild or gain custody rights to your grandchild, our adoption lawyers are here to empower you. Call our firm today to learn more about the benefits of working with our team.

Dealing With Sole or Shared Child Custody

Ensure your voice is heard by working with a child custody attorney for your case. Due to the nature of these cases, it’s easy to become emotional and overwhelmed.

Our child custody attorneys are on your side; our team will help you stay focused on the facts and details, avoid common mistakes that can happen in these cases, and make sure any legal documents are submitted on time.

If you’re not sure whether sole or shared child custody is best for your scenario, you can trust our attorneys to be straightforward and honest with you from the very beginning.

  • See the truth of your case with help from a child custody or adoption attorney. When your emotions cause you to lose sight of your case’s details, our team is here to guide you and help you regain focus.
  • Consult with a child custody attorney before going to court. We offer $50 first-time consultation fees and will ensure you understand what’s needed to move ahead with your case.
  • Work with child custody and adoption lawyers who value honesty. We’re law professionals who only pay attention to the facts. Whether you’re seeking sole child custody rights or you want counsel during the adoption process, we’ll always be up front with you on any potential outcomes of your case.
  • Know that we value your privacy. When you work with our adoption and child custody attorneys, you’ll be protected by attorney-client privilege. Any confidential or personal information is never shared with third parties without your consent.

Are you unsure how to move forward? Consult with a child custody or adoption lawyer today.

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